EP100 - 100 done - we predict the next 200 episodes

May 19, 2017

It’s our 100th episode and to celebrate we have podders past and present talking about the future of multimedia journalism. David Campbell, Yan Cong, Sharron Lovell and DJ Clark sit and discuss.


In the episode we all recommend one podcast, here are links to those recommendations.


EP80 - Matthew Powers & 'NGO Journalism' - http://www.multimediaweek.net/e/ep80-matthew-powers-ngo-journalism/


EP56 - Jonah Kessel & Online Video Journalism http://www.multimediaweek.net/2015/12/06/ep56-jonah-kessel-online-video-journalism/


EP88 - Depth of Field showcasing the best photojournalism from China http://www.multimediaweek.net/e/ep88-depth-of-field-showcasing-the-best-photojournalism-from-china/


EP70 - Interview with Jonathan Worth http://www.multimediaweek.net/e/ep70-interview-with-jonathan-worth/


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