In this dramatic podcast we speak to Nepali Multimedia Journalist Rajneesh Bhandari who was caught in the middle of the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal. Juggling between covering news for the New York Times, checking on his family and rescuing a monk in a collapsed monastery, Rajneesh tells his story of how he has been covering the event from home. As if the story was not dramatic enough, during the recording Rajneesh has to flee his home as an after shock shakes the building.

Also on the podcast our very own Sharron Lovell talks about her assignment to post quake Nepal for a UK charity. She discusses the way she prepared for the assignment and then undertook it shooting stills and video with a small team that had been flown in for an appeal.

In the news we talk about three new bags with designs not yet seen. We also cover a new 7-14mm 2.8 4/3 lens from Olympus and a unique drone called Lily.

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