EP107 - On the Ground, reporting from all corners of the US

November 4, 2017


Kathleen McLaughlin discusses a new reporting project - On the Ground; reporting from all corners of America - a series created in partnership with the Guardian US and The Economic Hardship Reporting Project. It serves to address the lack of rural voices and perspectives in America's mainstream media.


  • The "On the Ground” series - https://goo.gl/VqJt5p
  • The Guardian’s overview of the "On the Ground” series: How we're working with reporters from around America to cover class and inequality - https://goo.gl/Q4Hpai
  • The Economic Hardship Reporting Project website, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting reporting on American financial struggle http://economichardship.org/
  • The UK is also making moves to support regional news - BBC opens applications for regional titles to take in reporters as part of the Local News Partnership - https://goo.gl/yLddvE
  • Kathleen McLaughlin @kemc
  • A superb read by Kathleen: The big journalism void: ‘The real crisis is not technological, it’s geographic’ https://goo.gl/nvhxID
  • Also by Kathleen: America’s local newspapers might be broke - but they’re more vital than ever - https://goo.gl/dCVjjx

Episode 106 - Graduates - past and present

October 10, 2017

In this episode, Christine Schindler catches up with Gemma Thorpe and Nathan Gibson. Gemma is a graduate from the MA in Photojournalism at Dalian, and Nathan, a new graduate from Beijing's IMMJ just this year. Previously they worked in a collective together in Sheffield, UK, and now they are pursuing their own projects here in China, Gemma on football fans, and Nathan who has just completed his final MA project on an ethnic group in the far reaches of Northeast China.


EP105 - A New Start

September 27, 2017

In this episode DJ talks with MA graduate and Multimedia journalist Christine Schindler about the new MA in Hangzhou, the students they have attracted and what they can hope to get out of the next two years. In the news IBC has finished and there are a few new productucts that have come to light including a new everything in one mini documentary camera.


EP104 - Ripping up the rule book

September 6, 2017

DJ goes solo again discussing the process of ripping up the rule book and rebranding of his VLOG, Drone and Phone. The show can be found on Youtube at https://youtu.be/C8mBXDj5F6E. In the news DJ discusses the updated Mavic Pro, a new POV camera from Sony and a major upgrade to the excelled Ricoh Theta 360 camera.


EP103 - Multicam shooting/editing

August 11, 2017

In the second in the series of DJ talking shop, he speaks about multicam shooting and editing. In the show he mentions a video he recently worked on but as we publish this it is not available yet. We will update this page with a link once it goes live.

Here is the video I am speaking about - https://youtu.be/GrX2R7bZcQk


EP102 - All About Audio

July 24, 2017

DJ hosts alone to discuss his audio setup and how to get the best audio while working alone on assignments. 

In the show he mentions moving with the camera while doing interviews - have a look here for a good example https://youtu.be/Zz5zEZFBi6A. He also mentions a recent interview for Time Magazine which you can find here https://youtu.be/8H4OKXlv6eo.

At the end he recommends Lut Gallery from Color Grading Central https://www.colorgradingcentral.com/lut-gallery/ and the simple but effective Katana carrier for the Mavic Pro https://www.polarprofilters.com/products/katana.



EP101 - Ethics & Politics of Representation.mp3

May 30, 2017
Suchitra Vijayan and Benjamin Chesterton discuss the ethics and politics of representation in photojournalism. The conversation was sparked by the recent Souvid Datta / LensCulture /Magnum case where an image portraying and identifying a trafficked child being raped was used to promote a photo award.

EP100 - 100 done - we predict the next 200 episodes

May 19, 2017

It’s our 100th episode and to celebrate we have podders past and present talking about the future of multimedia journalism. David Campbell, Yan Cong, Sharron Lovell and DJ Clark sit and discuss.


In the episode we all recommend one podcast, here are links to those recommendations.


EP99 - All the gear news from NAB with Chuck Fadely

May 5, 2017

After a week of Las Vegas madness the dust has settled on this year's NAB show and Multimedia Week looks back on all the new gear that was announced that is useful for single operator multimedia/video/visual journalists. We talk with Emmy award winning video journlaist Chuck Fadely who was at the show reporting for newsshooter.com. To see Chuck's videos and other news shooter staff's work head over to http://www.newsshooter.com. Follow Chuck on Twitter @NewspaperVideo.


EP98 - 360/VR video a discussion with Marc Lajoie

April 15, 2017

D J Clark discusses VR, 360 video and the making of Asia's Ailing Heritage Sites with Marc Lajoie. In the news DJ catches up from the last few weeks and looks forward to NAB.

See the project being discussed at https://projects.asiaweekly.com/asias-ailing-heritage/