Kathleen McLaughlin discusses a new reporting project - On the Ground; reporting from all corners of America - a series created in partnership with the Guardian US and The Economic Hardship Reporting Project. It serves to address the lack of rural voices and perspectives in America's mainstream media.


  • The "On the Ground” series -
  • The Guardian’s overview of the "On the Ground” series: How we're working with reporters from around America to cover class and inequality -
  • The Economic Hardship Reporting Project website, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting reporting on American financial struggle
  • The UK is also making moves to support regional news - BBC opens applications for regional titles to take in reporters as part of the Local News Partnership -
  • Kathleen McLaughlin @kemc
  • A superb read by Kathleen: The big journalism void: ‘The real crisis is not technological, it’s geographic’
  • Also by Kathleen: America’s local newspapers might be broke - but they’re more vital than ever -
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