Arnaud Dressen (@arnauddressen), a web-documentary producer at Honkytonk Films and co-creator of Klynt (, an interactive editing and publishing app discusses interactive and non-linear storytelling.


  • Check out Klynt with a free 14 day trial. There’s plenty of free tutorials to get you going. Check out some existing projects built with Klynt, the three projects featured here ( are all relatively simple and achievable even for begginers. In a few weeks, Klynt will unveil a brand new Edition dedicated to Virtual Reality. That sounds exciting!
  • One of Sharron's favroutie non linear stories is The Serengeti Lion, National Geographic (…VsiBU5MrJE5), she’ll be exploring non linear storytelling more this year and looks forward to sharing and discussing on the podcast. If you liked this show check out and
  • Check out the World Press Photo Contest 2016. Here’s a thought provoking article on the winner to get you going - CRYSTALLIZATION OR SIMPLIFICATION: WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2015 - and i’d suggest following David Campbell (@davidc7), communications manager for @WorldPressPhoto and sadly missed Multimedia Week podcast host, for more updates.

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