Steve Sapienza (@saptwit) is an award-winning news and documentary producer, and senior producer for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Steve shoots and produces stories from the field and also contributes to Pulitzer's multimedia and broadcast endeavours. In this episode Steve talks about some of the various Pulitzer Center’s grants, which promote and sponsor international journalism, he also discusses the Center's increasing focus on multi-media projects. See more of Steve’s work at (

  • Learn more about the Pulitzer Centre ( in this short animated video:…enter-animation
  • Here's a list of a few multimedia projects the Pulitzer Centre have funded and we discuss on the show:
  • 2016: USA Today - Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater -
  • 2015: Fatal Extraction -…65964.1440021010
  • 2015: Matt Black's Geography of Poverty -
  • 2014: Sea Change -…turn-overview/
  • 2008: Live, Hope, Love: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica -
  • Here’s a short web documentary funded by the Pulitzer Center by Multimedia Week host Sharron Lovell: -…g-northwest-wind
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